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Citizens Concerned About the Future of the Etobicoke Waterfront

Updated: June 20, 2024

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History & Mission

Citizens Concerned About The Future of The Etobicoke Waterfront (CCFEW) was formed in 1989 to monitor development along the Etobicoke waterfront.  The specific concern at that time was the development of the “Motel Strip”, the portion of shoreline between the Humber River and Parklawn Avenue.  The original proposals for re-development along the motel strip were very different from what is now taking place.  CCFEW was instrumental in ensuring that not only would there be public access to the waterfront, but that there would be parkland along the waterfront as well. 

Over the past 33 years, there have been many other projects and issues large and small.  CCFEW was instrumental in establishing the naturalization and wilderness design of Colonel Samuel Smith Park.  In 1997, we published the “Toward The Ecological Restoration Of South Etobicoke” report.  The report reviews the environmental history of South Etobicoke and proposes a number of potential restoration projects along the Etobicoke waterfront.  Many of these proposals were incorporated into the Fung Report, and some have already been acted upon.

Over the years, CCFEW has secured over $170,000 for restoration projects along the Etobicoke waterfront.  We have worked closely with city and TRCA staff in planning and implementing these and other projects.

Today, the “Motel Strip” is known as “Humber Bay Shores”.  The development rules are in place, but there is continual pressure for more height and greater densities.  In addtion, there have been many new residential redevelopment proposals along the lakeshore in recent years.  We continue to monitor and comment on these proposals to ensure that they reflect good planning for our community and the environment. 

We are also working to protect and enhance the parks and natural areas along the lakeshore.  These areas continue to be faced with a variety of opportunities and threats.


Shoreline Silhouette - Sam Smith Park