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Updated: July 4, 2019

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REVISED CCFEW Planning Meeting Schedule

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Our monthly Planning Meetings have traditionally been held on the second Monday of the month, but we have just started moving them to the third Monday, 7:30 pm at LAMP, 185 Fifth Street. ( This move is a attempt to address problems with meeting date conflicts. Note that February and May are still on the second Monday due to holidays on the third Mondays of those months. There are no meetings in July & August)

The 2018- 2019 meeting schedule is:

Monday, September 10,
Monday, October 15 (one week late due to Thanksgiving),
Monday, November 12
Monday, December 10,
January 21,
Monday, February 11 
Annual General Meeting,
March 18
April 15
Monday, May 13
Monday, June 17.

Note that there are no meetings scheduled in July and August.

The Planning Meetings are open for all to attend. This is where we discuss current issues, projects and priorities. Reminders of upcoming meetings are always set to our e-mail list. Click here to subscribe if you are not already on the list.

See our Activities Page for other meetings and events.

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