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Citizens Concerned About the Future of the Etobicoke Waterfront

Updated: Sept 13, 2023

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Etobicoke Creek Watershed Plan

220 Lake Prom Development

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Long Branch Tree Fest - Sept 24

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We have been holding virtual meetings since our in-person meetings were canceled in March 2020. After a few different experiments, we are now meeting via Zoom. A shortage of affordable meeting spaces and the convenience of not traveling (especially in winter) has lead us to continue with virtual meetings. Just like when we met in person, the meetings are open to everyone. Just click on the “Zoom link” beside the appropriate date below.

Meetings are normally held on third Monday of the month, starting at 7:00 pm.

There are no meetings in July & August)

The 2023- 2024 meeting schedule is:

Monday, June 19,

Monday, September 18,  Zoom Link
Monday, October 16, 
Monday, November 20, 
Monday, December 18, 
Monday, January 15, 2024   
Monday, February 19  Annual General Meeting, 
Monday, March 18,  
Monday, April 15, 
Monday, May 20,
Monday, June 17,

Note that there are no meetings scheduled in July and August.

The Planning Meetings are open for all to attend.  This is where we discuss current issues, projects and priorities.  Reminders of upcoming meetings are always set to our e-mail list.  Click here to subscribe if you are not already on the list.

See our Activities Page for other meetings and events.