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Updated: June 16, 2015

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Weston Family Parks Challenge Grant funds Sam Smith Park Improvements & Programs

How to Book Environmental Education Programs at Sam Smith Park

April Bird Walk Report

Binoculars Wanted

New CCFEW Bird Checklist


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There are many issues, large and small, that pop up from time to time but don’t necessarily fit into any of the other pages. So, to help keep people up to date, we have this “What’s Up” page.

April 27, 2015

Old Binoculars Wanted!

Do you have an old, unused pair of binoculars taking up space in your drawers or cupboards? We can give them a new purpose as loaners at our Bird Walks.

We have noticed an increasing number of people at our Bird Walks who don’t have binoculars. People who have ever been to one of our walks before are often amazed by how many things they have never seen or noticed before. Binoculars give them a chance to see them much better. We have started loaning binoculars at the walks, but demand still far outstrips supply.

If you have a spare pair that you would like to donate to our pool, please drop them by at the Bird Festival registration table or at one of our walks.

April 24, 2015

Sam Smith Park Nature Programs Update

There are currently 1350 students booked for Humber Arboretum nature programs in May & June at Sam Smith Park. 650 of those are subsidized.

April 15, 2015

Toronto Parks and Trails Wayfinding Strategy

The City of Toronto is in the midst of developing a Wayfinding (signage) Strategy for parks and trails, and they are seeking public input on three design concepts. Click here to find out more and take the survey.

Note: The survey closes April 23rd.


March 26, 2015

Teachers: Here’s how to book your class for outdoor education programs at Col Sam Smith Park and receive a $4.00/student subsidy!


March 26, 2015

Urban Raccoon Research

York University is conducting research into urban raccoons:

    Thank you for participating in this short survey about raccoons in the Greater Toronto Area!

    The goal of this study is to get input from members of the public on the impact of raccoons in the urban environment. Data from the study will be used to inform public policy, and to improve wildlife management in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). You will be asked to complete 10 short questions about your view on raccoons in the region. This should take no more than 5 minutes. We will also ask you some basic demographic questions (age, sex, general geographic location, pet ownership). These will help us determine if there are differences in attitudes and raccoon contact-- across the various neighbourhoods of the GTA.

    We do not foresee any risks or discomfort from your participation in the research. Your participation in the study is completely voluntary and you may choose to stop participating at any time. Your decision to stop participating, or to refuse to answer particular questions, will not affect your relationship with the researchers or York University. In the event you withdraw from the study, all associated data will be immediately deleted. All information you supply during the research will be held in confidence and you will remain anonymous to the researchers. Your data will be safely stored and backed up and only the researchers will have access to this information. The data will be archived for seven years, and then completely deleted. No names or email addresses will be gathered.

    Questions About the Research? If you have questions about the research in general or about your role in the study, please feel free to contact Dr. Suzanne MacDonald (suzmac@yorku.ca). This research has been reviewed and approved by the Human Participants Review Sub-Committee, York University’s Ethics Review Board and conforms to the standards of the Canadian Tri-Council Research Ethics guidelines. If you have any questions about this process, or about your rights as a participant in the study, please contact the Sr. Manager & Policy Advisor for the Office of Research Ethics, 5th Floor, York Research Tower, York University (telephone 416-736-5914 or e-mail ore@yorku.ca).

    By beginning the survey, you acknowledge that you have read the above information and agree to participate in this research, with the knowledge that you are free to withdraw your participation at any time without penalty.

    To start the survey, click the link below:


March 4, 2015

Humber College held two round table discussion /open houses last week regarding the Interpretive Centre that will be part of their new Welcome Centre. They have posted a summary here.

March 3, 2015

We have been patiently sitting on this information for months, but now it is officially announced:


Click on the image above to see a pdf version of the press release. The largest and most visible portion of the funding will go towards rebuilding the viewing platform (outdoor classroom) at the pond. The old one was removed last fall, and the new one will be completed early this spring.

Another significant portion of this funding will be used to provide subsidies for students participating in the environmental education programs run by the Humber Arboretum at the park. This will be the fourth year these programs have been offered here. Last year, CCFEW secured a significant infusion of third party funding, which really helped to prove the viability of the programs at this site.

You can learn about this and other Weston Family Parks Challenge grant recipients here.

There is also information about the grant and platform replacement on the City of Toronto website.

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